"Fountain is next in lineage of great composers like Shostakovitch, Stravinsky..."

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The first time ever!

We need sponsors for the Primous Fountain USA Tour portion of Tour.
We are sure the tour will remain in the history of the world for Classical Musicians because "... Fountain takes off where Stravinsky finished ..." Thomas Putman, Buffalo Courier-Express
We invite you to become a sponsor of the historic event when the 80 musicians symphony orchestra will tour performing the music of only one composer. Primous Fountain.
This tour will be perfomences in 15 cities of USA in the most prestigious concert halls in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St Paul, Atlanta Ga, Newark NJ, Ann Arbor Mi, Jackson Ms, Washington DC.
This is an international Tour. There will be 80 musicians traveling in the National Symphony Orchestra of “Teleradio – Moldova”. Dutch film Director Lucas van Woerkum has interest to make a documentary film about the World Tour. Media from UK have big interest in Tour. The Tour will be in Great Britian after USA.
With these exclusive concerts we will get a large diverse audience not usually going to nor wishes to go to orchestra concerts; there will be a specially large interest among Black people, young people in general, and people who are not particularly interested in classical music but interested in what this tour represent because of its strong social importance. There will be a lot of media interest - written media, radio, TV – recognizing the uniqueness, importance and historic significance of this event. It will receive great national attention. The world knows we create great hip hop music, great pop music, great jazz,... but we also create great symphonies.
We like to offer you:
1. The General Sponsor package. Also media support references to a sponsor in interviews on radio, television, social networks unless you wish it kept private. Top PR agencies already want to work in this Tour. Their ideas are waiting to start.
2. We can return of your investment after the Tour plus 25% on this investment.
The Tour plans to attract more than 36,000 spectators.
On the following pages you can read more detailed information on the budget for USA World Tour and it projected profit.
We have a strong team. We have a Certified Accountant company that will account for all money received and paid out, and this information will be freely available to you.
In case you need more information, feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward for your help and support.


Want to be a sponsor of this great and world class tour? If YES, you are highly welcomed on board to join us make this happen. Kindly Click the Contact Us button below to contact us on how to be a sponsor. Thank You!

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