National Symphony Orchestra of Teleradio Moldova

Teleradio-Moldova is the state owned national television and national radio of Moldova. The first radio transmission in Moldova was broadcasted on November 1, 1939 - The international National

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National Symphony Orchestra of Teleradio Moldova

The National Symphony Orchestra of Teleradio Moldova will give performances of Primous’ orchestra music in 15 cities of USA in the most prestigious concert halls in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta, Newark, Jackson Mississippi, Washington DC.


Maestro Gheorghe Mustea

Born in Village of Mîndreşti, Moldova. Studies at the Music Academy “G. Musicescu” in Chisinau, Moldova. Decorated with the highest distinction of the Republic of Moldova - title of “People’s Artist” for his rich musical activity as a conductor, composer and professor. Since 1989 Chief Conductor and Music Director of the National Symphony of “Teleradio-Moldova”. Appeared on the national postage stamp of Moldova 2006. Highly sought after as a guest conductor throughout the world. And known for his broad repertoire .


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Cellos Mustea Standing

Mustea with Orchestra

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National Symphony Orchestra China

Mustea with Orchestra

National Symphony Orchestra, Moldova

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