“… the tour is spectacularly important

                                                              ..Dr. Dominique René de Lerma, renowned music historian


I heard it all, every single wave of sound, flowing through my soul…”


Fountain’s  Symphony 6,  National Symphony Orchestra of Teleradio-Moldova’s  European performance

To the USA, To Europe, To China …

This tour will be performances in 15 cities of USA in the most prestigious concert halls in cities such as  New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta Ga, Newark. NJ, Jackson Mississippi, Washington DC.

The second part of the world tour will be in Europe – financed with earned USA Tour profit.

It will be in Germany, UK, Spain, Czech, Italy, Netherlands.

The Primous Fountain World Tour has been invited by the Rhoden International Music Festival of


A Historic USA Tour. The first of its kind, an ambitious break through from bureaucracy and old tradition. This is fresh, alive, breathing, relying on faith in each other, trust, honor, love for what they live for. The world has been waiting for this break through.